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I love this company. They cleaned my air ducts and dryer vent last week. They did a great job, very courteous, professional and arrived on-time. I also use Carpet Tech for my carpet, tile and wood floor cleaning. They are the BEST! There is a misconception that carpets : cannot be kept clean, and that explains why respiratory-related illnesses are , on the rise. Dirty carpets lower the indoor air quality as well as deteriorate the indoor environment. Carpet cleaning not only enhances your home’s appearance but also extends the life of carpets. Perhaps the most valuable benefit is After cleaning, the carpet panel is weighed to assess how much moisture each machine leaves behind. We time how long it takes the carpet to dry then remeasure the color in the same locations to calculate how well the machine cleaned the carpet. Each model is tested on a fresh carpet panel for more repeatable results. Portable machines are tested for how well they remove stains we've applied — like red wine and chocolate — from test carpet and upholstery swatches.hardwood cleaning serviceMany over-the-counter cleaners have a finish added to them that builds up and creates an unsightly floor that is hard to clean and remedy. They go by these names Mop Glow, Orange Glo, Bona Clean Refresher, Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, Bruce , Fresh Finish, OR any other cleaner with a finish or refresher. Cleaning hardwood floors properly takes a combination of expertise, , equipment and materials, along with using the right techniques on the right type of floors. Not all wood floors are the same so not all cleaning techniques are going to work. A hardwood floor is a timeless investment. With the right care, it can last for a lifetime. If you’re looking for hardwood floor cleaning in Tallahassee, then you’ve already made a great design choice.Design trends come and go, but hardwood flooring will always be a beautiful and durable home option. That said, hardwood floors require a specific kind of care. Not every cleaner will do the job right.roof washing near meExperts recommend that professionals should thoroughly clean your house’s exterior at least once per year. Power Washing Professionals follow manufacturer-recommended methods and eco-friendly detergents to get your home not just clean but healthy , too! If you want to keep your house looking as good on the outside as it does on the inside, then call for


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